Sold shares - no cash - help

Hi I am new to Freetrade and sold some shares. It shows as sold but when I go to my account there is no sign of the money. I have a ‘market sell contract note’ when I click on the bit that says ‘sell’ but that’s it. What have I done wrong?

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If you click on the wallet in the bottom right what does it show on your account balance?

Hiya yes it does £18.99! And I sold £117 - so just can’t see where it went

Money from sold shares will go into your “unsettled cash”. This means you can’t withdraw it immediately (there is a 3 day process for the money to actually go from the exchange to FT from memory), but FT show it as available should you want to reinvest.

Click on the Account/wallet icon on the bottom right and you should be able to see the proceeds of your sale as Unsettled Cash.


I just sold some shares so I could do a screenshot to prove the point as you have, but my money has gone straight into my “withdrawable” total, so now I’m getting all confused. LOLZ


Great got it thank you

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Great got it thank you!

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Well done FT :honeybee: hive mind! :clap:t2:
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Good luck with your investing journey @Racheyrounds10 - feel free to ask any questions you have or have a read through the beginners thread Ask your beginners questions here 🐣


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