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Oil and gas exploration company with sites in Italy and Morocco.

I’ve held this all the way through from 15p → £1 → 3p. Anybody contemplating a punt I would strongly recommend looking at the LSE board …

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What a shitshow


Why was this stock added? Who’s demanding this AIM penny stock microcap?

Fortunately my exposure was limited but numerous investors have lost 000’s on this. A disastrous drilling program since 2016 littered with dusters / non-commercial outcomes.

30% down this week. Hopefully nobody was tempted by this stinker.

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Is this a good stock to buy with it being around the 2p mark? The news on Sound Energy is looking positive:

Just looking for peoples thoughts on this? How will it perform in 2020?


It is currently an unprofitable company.

(Simply Wall Street)

I don’t think one piece of good news changes the picture that this is a very risky investment.

What are your thoughts?

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They have holes in the ground in Morocco, and I assume the rights to drill more holes. No one truly knows if those holes will produce anything.

Just walk into a casino and put it all on black.


Think it’s riskier then that. Stick it on a number.

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Put your cash in a bag and throw it on the fire. Same end product.


Unique buys are counted. So penny stocks where people invest some spare cash in are usually on here.

Why the rally? Good time to dump?

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Have opinions changed on this? Available analysis looks to be more positive since 20/21. However I’m aware that Morocco drilling still needs to yield results.