Stock graphs that need updating

So I thought it may be a good idea to have one main thread where we can report graphs that need to be updated on the FT app due to being skewed by stock splits or other reasons. I’ve noticed quite a few that need updating as the splits creating a huge drop make the wider graphs unreadable.

So if everyone posts the graphs needing updating here might make it easier for the FT team to know which need doing.

First few that I’ve seen need updating are:

JMG - JP Morgan Emerging Markets Trust (stock split)
SONY - Sony had their ticker changed from SNE to SONY which for some reason made the graph only show data from the date the ticker was changed.
KPC- Keystone Trust (stock split)

ATT-Allianz Technology Trust

Needs updating due to stock split.

I feel like all these graphs should really be sorted, it was done for Apple and Tesla I don’t see why these graphs can’t be fixed. The stock splits make these graphs ridiculously distorted.

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