Stop loss and take profits at the same time


I am going to honest here and say that not being able to set both a stop loss and take profit for the same shares is really bad.

I know one user doesn’t make the platform but if I am feeling like this I think others are as well.

I don’t have time to stare at my investments all day, but sometimes I do like to make a speculative investment.

Doing so in freetrade is untenable. I wouldn’t want to come back from work and see that, for example, CCIV isn’t merging with Lucid Motors and has fallen 70%. Likewise, if the stock spiked to $100 from $59 I’d want to take profit.

I know that it’s not a daytrading app but this is a very basic feature and means that basic risk management is not possible in Freetrade.

Completely agree, would love this feature.

Agree, it would be useful to be able to set a stop loss and limit sale order for the same shares also.

Currently it isn’t possible to do both.

Subscribe to this. I am not into day trading but this feature would give so much peace of mind and will help me to take time off the screen checking on my holdings