STV Group plc STVG

Scotland’s leading news and entertainment company. They are based in Glasgow and have been broadcasting since 1957.

Anybody else in this? Been an amazing performer last few years. So glad I picked up at Covid lows.

Six consecutive years of viewing share growth, with STV’s all time share at 20.8%, the highest growth of all of the UK’s 500+ TV channels so far in 2021

o Total audience on STV +5%, even against 2020 lockdown comparators

o STV still the most watched channel in Scotland, with largest lead over BBC1 since 2008

o 99.5% of all commercial audiences over 500k viewers on STV

o STV News audiences at a 19-year high at 541k viewers, +11% on 2020

· Online viewing on STV Player up 66%, still the fastest growing UK broadcaster VOD service

o Total streams up 94%

o Monthly active users up 61%

o Registered users up 11% to 4m