Take advantage of rising oil price - ideas?

I think oil is going to go up more and more this year as demand for oil will rise when airlines start flying again.

How do you think best to take advantage of this?

Options are either buy oil companies like XOM (Exxon) or an ETF like IESU (S&P energy sector)

I’ve bought some BP and Shell shares. I don’t know if it’s the right way to take advantage but they’re doing well. When you compare the prices now compared to early 2020 before the pandemic it’s easy to see plenty room for increases as demand for oil comes back.

Just a side note…

I’ve worked all the way through the pandemic.
In fact my job made me work twice as hard as I should be.

Anyway travelling from a to b took no time at all.
Friday I was stuck in traffic for the first time in a year.
Uk schools go back on Monday
And Shell have been putting the price up 1p every time I pass.

There’s an oil and gas producers etf

£SPOG for those wanting the ticker.

On the up at the moment, 24% up over the last 30 days, highest it has been since a year ago. So it looks like it is recovering well. Worth a go maybe? Too late for me though. :slight_smile: