Take me to your (new) leader

Hi Folks,

With the sad (voluntary) departure of Shiv :freetrade: will only have one staffer with community oversight. The omnipresent @sampoullain can’t do everything on his own. While he will continue to read almost everything and will also remain responsible for flags & bans he can’t need some help.

To assist me and @sampoullain with day to day management the decision had been made to promote @bitflip to Leader status. This is throughly deserved and comes after a consistent commitment to community building & an all round positive attitude. If you have any day to day admin like topic moves etc please tag either @NeilB or @bitflip.

We may require further community leaders so if you would like to be considered please drop me a DM.





Good luck @bitflip, it’s not an easy job but it can be fun (I’ve done/do it before elsewhere)


Yep, good luck @bitflip. Same, I’ve done it before and it’s not an easy job.


Good luck @bitflip in monitoring Juno’s number of accounts! You will need it. :grimacing:


I would have liked to put myself forward,but just too much on at the moment. Well done guys you are solid community members @NeilB @bitflip


Good luck @NeilB and @bitflip.

You’ve both always been unfailingly helpful and positive even when our accounts may not have been.


It has to be said that Brian really has turned over a new leaf.

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Congrats @bitflip, both you and @NeilB have been doing a superb job keeping this community civil yet vibrant and well-spirited :wink:


Coming from one of the OG’s @Vlad that me as a lot thank you. Good to see you around here still, we need to commission a portrait!


Nothing against NeilB and Bitflip, who are both great contributers, but it’s disappointing to see Freetrade take a step back from engaging with users on the forum.

It’s already felt impossible to get an answer from them most of the time.


I can’t speak for @sampoullain here but I’m sure you’ll still see him around a lot and it is 100% true that the Freetrade team read a huge amount of everything posted here on the community with posts are regularly shared on the internal slack.

If there is anything that needs internal review it’ll get singled out for attention.


It is my understanding that Freetrade is not taking a step back from engaging with users on this forum.

If anything, the kind of things that @NeilB has been doing allow Freetrade management to more productively engage with forum users. You might be surprised with the number of forum things that are “invisibly” sorted out and cleaned up.

I expect every product manager to be regularly reading these pages as it is a good source of information for them. OTH, I also expect you and me to remember that there are many more customers and shareholders that don’t read these pages and don’t have the opinions expressed here.

Some of the questions asked here are not really questions. They are opinions masquerading as questions. Some are questions for which there are no simple answers and it wouldn’t make sense to answer (here). Sometimes the questions relate to individual problems that in fact are best handled by support and it would be inappropriate to deal with those here. There are a wide variety of people who come on to these forums and concomitant with that there are a wide variety of slants and interests.

The senior management has held AMA’s here - you have had the opportunity to ask questions. In fact recently @Adam in a Herculean task answered every question that was posed.

Look I am not pretending that everything is perfect. I encourage you to keep giving Freetrade management a hard time - but please try to have some perspective and be fair!


Some are. Some are also legitimate questions, that are ignored by @sampoullain and others in the team.

If you are going to imply that my posts are unfair I’d like you to provide some examples.

I always congratulate the team when they do something positive, but equally I call things out that I don’t like. If there are more negative posts than positive, that’s a reflection of the direction of the company in recent years.

If you want an echo chamber of Freetrade cheer leaders, then I am out.


@hookedinvesting can you DM me with anything you need a particular answer too and I’ll see what I can do. @bitflip & other helpers in the future is / will be helping to keep this place running for no reward, remember to take all post is spirt they’re written - positive and not personal.


Good luck @bitflip (thanks for volunteering), and thanks to @NeilB for his continuing efforts to herd cats. :grinning: :love_you_gesture:


So this isn’t anything to do with Sunak or Truss?


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