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Franprix, Monoprix and/or Leaderprice are not too far behind also

French Carrefour and Tesco play in 2 totally different worlds haha. One serves real good groceries, the other one is Tesco :grinning:

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Every little helps!

Agreed the produce in France and Spain is better than Tesco or indeed most supermarkets in the UK.

I was perhaps speaking of the ambiance of the big box Tesco stores, perhaps my one feels like the closest thing to a continental style hypermarket. Perhaps it’s just me, who knows.

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Im not do sure the produce is better as a product when comes from the field. We probably lose a day or more to get it in to the depot. Dates to me seem to be shorter since we left the EU. Just as a car travelling the border checks on passports seems longer so can only imagine the checks a lorry has.

My experience in Europe, mainly Croatia is that the produce is displayed better. Possibly due to that there doesn’t seem to be as much processed food like tins/frozen/ready meals. Most people seem to be cooking from ingredients still.

Given the reputation of Paperchase (Didnt pay it’s freelance designers)

Are those designers likely to want to do more business with tesco, knowing they’ll get squeezed even further…
so will the Paperchase name just be slapped on any ole paper based goods with a dive to the bottom (of prices and quality)

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Anyone else late getting the divi ?

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Yes guess early next week

Its not great as been paid 2 other divi amount for this first thing Friday.

Hello all.

Has anyone received their dividends yet?

Not from this platform yet.

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No, still waiting on Tesco, BP, Centamin and (bizarrely) half of Ebox. All due last Friday.


Just received Tesco divi :+1:

Ive not seen BP either. I didnt realise we was due. Looks like im missing dividends from everyone from Friday.

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Anyone know what happened today? Down 3.5%

Can the dividends payout be sorted out please!! This is getting very confusing and frustrating! I got an email just now to say I’ve been paid my dividends from Tesco and when I checked to see the balance it has not changed so either the money has been sitting in my account for a while or it has not been paid??

It’s getting very irritating now having to put up with this….

The money would have been in a while before you got notified

Yeah but it’s very frustrating to know the money is in there without actually knowing and then you go and spend the money unknowingly and then wonder why the balance hasn’t changed

Same issue with HSBC arriving today and still waiting for BP all due last Friday

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