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Tesco are so pricey as of late - the fact they keep pushing the Aldi price match just makes me want to shop at one of the German discounters.

Aldi and Lidl are by far much much cheaper than any of the bigger supermarkets at the moment

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With over a 25% market share in the supermarket sector, Tesco is the UK’s biggest supermarket. Today, the grocery giant released its FY22 earnings results. Although the FTSE 100 company reported strong figures in every aspect, the Tesco share price has plunged 5% at the time of writing (Although it’s still up over 11% year on year). Here’s why.


Well written piece, I did get some more this morning at 254 each so showing an early return.


Inflation is currently sitting at 7%, and is expected to continue rising for the coming months. As a result, retail spending has seen a drop, as the cost of living crisis continues to hit consumers hard. The effects of this are already heavily impacting the largest supermarket in the UK, Tesco. So, with all that in mind, the Tesco share price could dip further and present long-term shareholders like myself with a buying opportunity.

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Hey, I was just wondering if tesco’s would issue out a discount card if you have share’s in the company?

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It wouldnt

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Why is tesco category food and drink but Walmart is consumer goods. Surely these companies are the same as one another just in diff countries and on a diff scale so tesco should be consumer goods too right?
Minor thing lol just don’t like how the pie chart is showing them separately lol

Walmart does a lot more than just food and drinks so potentially that is why. When i went to US in 2019 more than half the stores were non food related.

Trading volume looks high. Anyone got any ideas why ?

Walmart is on a completely different scale than Tesco. Most Walmart’s do literally everything - food, clothes , electronics , toys, outdoor , hardware , pharmacy , technology , home shopping , click and collect (kerbside) , and not on a small scale like Tesco. Lot of small (by US standards) places in America Walmart is the main place for many things as the competition has been put out of business.

Tesco has a lot of stores but most now only do food on any scale with small /scaled back non food.

Walmart’s are however not even close to places like Tesco for store standards - they don’t even provide staff with uniform beyond a waistcoat and they are desperate to stop any kind of unionisation. If you check out the Walmart group on Reddit it’s a real eye opener ….

Latest trading update from tesco article from sharecast.

If you want a foreign company to compare Tesco to it’d be Carrefour or Auchan.

I have a larger Tesco that I frequen and the feel isn’t too far off the Carrefour hypermarkets in both France and Romania.

Yes the hypermarket does more non food related stuff then a large Tesco but the feel of a large box box Tesco store feels the closest thing you’d ever get to a continental European hypermarket while still being in the UK.

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Franprix, Monoprix and/or Leaderprice are not too far behind also

French Carrefour and Tesco play in 2 totally different worlds haha. One serves real good groceries, the other one is Tesco :grinning:

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Every little helps!

Agreed the produce in France and Spain is better than Tesco or indeed most supermarkets in the UK.

I was perhaps speaking of the ambiance of the big box Tesco stores, perhaps my one feels like the closest thing to a continental style hypermarket. Perhaps it’s just me, who knows.

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Im not do sure the produce is better as a product when comes from the field. We probably lose a day or more to get it in to the depot. Dates to me seem to be shorter since we left the EU. Just as a car travelling the border checks on passports seems longer so can only imagine the checks a lorry has.

My experience in Europe, mainly Croatia is that the produce is displayed better. Possibly due to that there doesn’t seem to be as much processed food like tins/frozen/ready meals. Most people seem to be cooking from ingredients still.

Given the reputation of Paperchase (Didnt pay it’s freelance designers)

Are those designers likely to want to do more business with tesco, knowing they’ll get squeezed even further…
so will the Paperchase name just be slapped on any ole paper based goods with a dive to the bottom (of prices and quality)

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