The community thread & general sweeping up 🧹

When threads on this community are merged is it possible to maintain some semblance of chronological order within the threads?

It really ruins the thread when a merge results in older comments appearing after newer comments, especially when they are much older.

If not, perhaps instead of moving comments from one thread into another, it might be cleaner to close one of the threads with a link at the end to the main/new thread.


Thanks for the suggestions - You are right. One or two of those merges have been done by me and I discovered the issue last night. The comments platform unfortunately merges in this way - and the discussion on the pages of the platform has people in various camps arguing about the right way to do this.

When we merge here we will try to merge only recent discussions and close old ones. I will leave a sign post as you have suggested.


Morning @o99

This is a widely discussed topic on the forum for the platform it’s self. Essential there isn’t a neat solution. Maintaining chronology messes with the discussion with replies not following the post above.

Where topics have a decent amount of worthwhile comments a merge is probably best, even in the sort term it messes with the chronology.

What will happen more likely is what you’ve suggested, we’ll close down duplicate topic and link to the new one.

Once this process has been completed we should see a lot less duplicate topics and this will become much less of a probably. We’ll also jump on duplicates before they get rooted in.

Thanks for raising this @o99 we want to make this place an enjoyable (and easy to navigate) place.

I’ll rename this thread so there is somewhere to discuss the community management in a ‘meta’ sense.


Aside from the chronology issue, there also seems to be some over-merging leading to specific ideas getting hidden/lost.

For example……

The Autopilot thread actually started life as a automatic dividend reinvestment thread. Then at some point it seems to have been given a more general name and other more general aspects of automatic investment appear to have been merged into it. With the launch of recurring orders the Autopilot ideas thread has now been closed and marked as complete, even though automatic dividend reinvestment has not been launched. Furthermore, now there is nowhere to continue voting on and discussing automatic dividend reinvestment.


@NeilB gives a reply here MEGATHREAD: Recurring orders (Beta) is here - #61 by NeilB

Just to add to this. There is a certain amount of subjectivity involved in the general issue of merging. There are many dangling threads which need to be closed/merged … some of them have very little discussion/ no discussion. The aim as @NeilB states is to move discussions forward and/or make sure it is not a case of a tree falling in a quiet forest in the middle of the night (nobody heard it - did it even happen?). There are too many threads to monitor. It is difficult to search for threads to add a view. When the judgement call the moderators make proves not be right … we will reverse the call.

I have noted now after several clean ups that we we have had engagement and answers from Freetrade staff and even forum members. This is great.

Wrt to the comment about voting - well the objective of the vote in any case is to help prioritisation activity. Clearly something like Autopilot is up there and being worked on. The best way to engage with the engineering team/product team is via a single thread.


I think you’ve been hasty closing off the other topic. This doesn’t deliver on things like automatic dividend reinvestment, which is the genesis of the idea and consistently asked for. Still, good to see progress being made.


Would be great if you could put a final post when closing a thread explaining why it’s been closed…

Doesn’t even have to be a huge block of text just, eg “This feature exists now”