The First Ever Elimination Game!

Puma for me please @NeilB

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Could I lose BASF please thanks Neil

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Bauer for me please @NeilB

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I’ll remove Volkswagen please

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I will dump alphabet please :frowning: My theory is I need a couple wild swings and just dont see this company doing it in the time remaining.

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I will dump Guardant Health GH please @NeilB.

Hoping the other two can recover some what over the time remaining.

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Yeah same here my Good boi Draft Kings pick wasnt locked in @NeilB

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I’ll go for Google being dropped also.

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I’ll drop OXY, please.

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Can I remove AMD please :+1:t3:

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I don’t want to play this game any more :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Does removing lock the price in? If so - please remove Google.

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Yes locks in the wind / or stems the losses.

I’ve not done this weeks on the sheet yet. Will do them tonight.

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Cool news… my super stock Repare therapeutics has done me proud, I’ll be locking ni a nice number of points on that one…


Thanks for all you eliminations folks.

I’ve updates the sheet for @Optimisery & @Cameron errors. Thanks for the kind words @Cameron its fun to see people playing and enjoying the game.

Current Standings -

Coming out of absolutely nowhere with a huge swing this week we have a new leader -

@DavidM 145.2
@Cameron 72.9
@PeteL 32.6
@Weenie 7.1
@TheRaven 6.8

Wallowing deep in the red, I’m still proving that I’m just not good at this game despite making the rules!

@Neilb -54.0
@Tim -48.6
@JD85 -35.2
@Markyboy41 -35.1
@Emmie -32.0
@AchillesFirstStand -30.4

Hi Everyone :paw_prints: Its me Goodboi! I have been enjoying the warm weather this week by getting in to reps on the sand court … & eliminating stocks …

@JD85 - You loose Alphabet
@J4ck - I threw away your fags - Imperial Brands
@AchillesFirstStand - Meta :wave:
@DavidM - I nearly got rid of Clovis … but my paws eliminated Amazon first
@DJK93 - Koninkikjjjeeerrghh for you
@oumarm - Apple goes bye bye
@Raul - Bye Bye Best Buy


That’s gotta be a record, to be literally the worst at your own game :smile:. Enjoying it though, thank you.


I didn’t want to win and have people wonder if I’d rigged it but I hoped to do better this!