‘The Juggle’: Playing Manager and Mum - Freetrade Blog


Brilliant read. Thanks for sharing. It is a struggle sometimes and it’s great to have the flexibility. I’m really proud of the team at freetrade showing how they value their staff, so refreshing in light of more articles recently on other fintech players :grin:


Hats off to the mothers who go back to work, as well as to those that don’t.

I suppose Int Women’s Day is a good day to ask what’s the team’s gender balance at Freetrade?


We started out as a few dudes that wanted to build a new kind of stockbroker. It’s been amazing to see how much this resonated and we’re really proud of the team we’ve attracted. Part of that is diversity, really cool to see people from all kind of identities get together around one common mission. And on International Women’s Day it’s nice to reflect on us going from an all male team to one quarter women in less than a year, with half our recent hires being women. We’re seeing the same trend with our customer base, too.

Our mission is to make investing accessible to everyone, and we’re serious about that.