The race to 100k users guessing game!

Amalgamating them here so they’re easier to find!


Tuesday 11th

I’ll say next Wednesday 12th at 3pm we will hit the magic 100k number. Any chance of a free share to the person who gets closest Freetrade. Get yeah guesses in fellow freetraders.Freetrade would need to let us no who got nearest though I guess.


I’d say we will hit 100.000 Friday next week, Valentine’s Day…

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Edit: My considered guess is Monday 10th 19:30 :clock730:

February 23rd when Ireland destroy England in the rugby :joy: a lot of betters jumping ship. Here’s hopin for both


Monday 10th Feb, 7:12pm.

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My guess: Sunday 9th Feb @ 11:00

Tuesday 11th @ 10.15am

Edit: forgot to mention February

15th Feb. 4pm.

Tuesday 11th February - 2pm

Sunday 9th 10pm

Tuesday 11th Feb at 7:43pm :grin:

Wednesday 12th Feb @ 11am

Sunday 9th 8.30pm

10th - 8am

11th Tuesday

13th February

Saturday 8th Feb, 8.14pm

15th Feb 9.12am