The Weekend Read is back! πŸ™Œ πŸ—ž

I just read that thread. It would be very interesting!

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Will we get a weekend read this weekend?

I’m afraid not!

We have a couple of impressive new joiners to the marketing team, and it makes sense to wait for them, so we can revamp the newsletter as part of our new, integrated content strategy.

We are looking to restart it sometime in Q4.


That’s pretty sad. I really liked the weekend reads!

Is Toby still with Freetrade? His writing style really resonated with me!


+1 for the @Freetrade_Team fan club


Toby is not with Freetrade anymore, but beyond that, we don’t comment on individual team members.

Our writing style is not quite dependent on any one individual (including yours truly). We have a codified tone of voice guide that all writers will follow. That said, it’s amazing to hear so many people like it.

When we were developing it in the early days, not everyone was amused.

This from an early newsletter I sent in 2017:


Sad to read that Viktor. Whilst a codified tone is nice, Toby seemed to make it β€˜pop’ and be instantly relatable. I wish him all the best with wherever he has gone.

That said, looking forward to whoever picks up the mantle next, the series is a real killer feature for me and one I hope can continue. :+1:


Oh, it will definitely continue.


Really interesting, I noticed that all of your marketing team use a similar tone.

Can we also get an investor update if its not too much trouble? Sad to hear Toby’s moved on he has a real knack for writing. Awaiting the novel Tobias

Edit: Not weekly but monthly at least quarterly


I suspect you don’t follow our social channels! I doubt you could tell which tweet comes from which team member.


What happened to it?

I have not received any emails for a few weeks. Really enjoyed them.

Some changes to the marketing team. They’ll resume later in the year.


We’ve decided to discontinue the Weekend Read. After reviewing the data around acquisition and retention, it was not delivering against its objectives.

That’s OK. We are a tech company: we release and test things, and learn from them. You’ll continue to see us trying ideas.

We’ll recycle bits and pieces of this content in other places, and obviously, our tone of voice and how we think about education has not changed at all.

The next piece of comms that will hit your inbox is the October newsletter - company and product focused updates that we’ll continue due to its impact and interest from the community. And we have some :fire: updates to share. :wink:


Thanks for the transparent update Viktor. Takes courage to u-turn and think this is a positive signal.

Would still be good to see the same sort of content produced just much less frequently!

(By this I mean more content explaining what an ISA is, as an example, vs an article on Draper Esprit… as interesting as it was!)


I looked forward to the weekend reads but the monthly newsletter is a great addition. Look forward to it :ok_hand:

Edit: Will this double as a monthly investor update? Include growth figures etc.


Yes. :slight_smile:


Have you thought about trying a fortnightly read :wink:


Trick or Treat :jack_o_lantern: Did someone also forget to press the big red button on this? Nothing in my inbox :incoming_envelope:

There are a few last minute iterations. We’ll push the big red button tomorrow.