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Not really seeing what the big problem is, other than all the macro stuff going on all i can see is a 3 month delay. Maybe sellers jumping ship thinking they can make more money elsewhere in that time.

I like Tirupati Graphite, but other than seeing 90 just before the new year it’s been all down hill. They are producing graphite and people are buying the graphite. They are working on producing more graphite which in turn hopefully means they will be able to sell more graphite.

I also like the fact that they are not Chinese, who have a bit of a monopoly on everything.

So i took a few hundred more and will co tinue to add a little at these levels for sure while they continue.

I’ll be topping up as soon as the selling pressure eases. May be investors discounting greater weather risk going forward if the disruptions last FY caused sales to drop by a quarter.

I’ve a feeling today is going to be painful.

Well it’s not really a feeling, it’s a certainty.

I’m not giving up on them but since investing in this one i do feel like i’m limbo dancing

It’s actually up 2% but it’s been a pretty dismal month. Disappointing graphene integration is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Still only trading at 5x next year’s EBITDA and I see graphite demand holding up fairly well compared to other commodities.

I am surprised, perhaps we are at rock bottom, at this point i would usually pick up a few more, but my optimism is right down here with the share price.

Not giving up though, i still like the company and expect they can still turn this around but i got to stop getting more shares and just hope for brighter days ahead.

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Currently my worst performing stock, and one of the weirdest in my portfolio, just looking at the graph is like watching a slow steady decline into the abyss. Everything is see and read about the company is always good. Even the bad news about delays and such come across in an explained manner. So i just can’t see why the share price keeps getting hammered like it does.

Last couple of days it’s done a nice recovery, and if i had bought in then i’d be laughing.

I have been topping up throughout though so i’ve got some of these all time lows mixed in with my others. I plan to snag some more in the next week and just hope this could be the beginning in some confidence in the company.

I’d like to hear some thoughts from other holders if you have the time.

Still here :person_raising_hand:t4: Certainly losing patience but have no reason to sell so will hold for the time being. Struggling to see how this can turn around and get back up to £1 but hopefully some positive news at some point might reverse the decline…
possibly my worst performing stock of all time!

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Pretty good conversion prices for those so shouldn’t pressure the stock price below 50p. Does somewhat limit upper bound to £1.

Great start to the week, just need to keep this going.

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I wonder who we are buying the graphene from? Probably China but imagine if it turned out to be Tgr.

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This could explain why they are having such a great week -


Good find, did wonder why a good run had started.

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Dropped due to the delay in results. Apparently not releasing them whilst mourning the queen.

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The AGM takes place today. Hopefully no nasty surprises.

I can’t see any specific reason for todays late rally but I’ll take it!

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