Toggle between pounds and pence for UK securities

A simple toggle in the app to be able to change how a stock price is veiwed. I would like old fashioned pennies but understand why people may prefer pounds.

A toggle or settings change which could change the display format would be fantastic!

Thanks for requesting this :grinning:

In case anyone’s not seen our blog post from a while ago, here’s why we decided to show prices in pounds rather than pence in the app.

Breaking with stockbroker convention, we’re going to show UK stock prices in £s rather than pence. Pence pricing is a classic confusion point for first-time investors. After all, what else do you price in pence?

We feel £s are a much more intuitive way to present investments.

One of our most important goals is opening up investing to everyone. Not just through pricing but through UX, design and how we engage with our customers. That’s what has driven this decision.

It’s already drawn a great debate among our community and we’re delighted the majority of people are impressed! :smile:

quote from Weekly Wrap Up 24/08/18