Pricing UK securities


Hey thought we’d share this little UX tweak :sunglasses:

We’re going to break with the broker tradition and price our UK securities in pounds rather than pence. After all, is there any other purchase in your life that you price in pence?

There’s a mental barrier there.

I’m sure there’s potential for a mistake on a trade in their first few months through missing the pricing convention too.

Contract Notes :scroll:
(Jim) #2

Could there be an option to toggle between £ / p ? This new fangled £ might confuse us grizzled veterans :older_man:

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

Toggles are absolute treasures and this, I believe, is one of great examples what they could be used for.

And for the stock performance graph to switch from % to £/$ but that is a bit off topic :sweat_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I think I prefer keeping the app simple at this point, it’s generally better to avoid adding functionality that only power users will find in my opinion & adding options quickly becomes messy. In my experience, every time a new feature gets added to an app, a user asking for another setting, to control something that they think they won’t get on with..

Perhaps the team could wait & see whether this does cause confusion before making any plans to address this. You never know, it might not be as confusing as we’re imagining :smile:

I guess that for people who’re new to investing, this would be the first time they’ve seen the price for something displayed in a different format to pounds & pence, which could be quite off putting. Whereas experienced investors will be used to seeing the price for everything else that they buy in pounds & pence..


I don’t get it… It’s an industry wide convention to price and report in pence… pricing in pounds surely creates the confusion here… If people struggle with that maybe they shouldn’t be investing in the first place?

Personally if you are going to do this I would want it to be optional so that I am using the same precision across all my investments whether they are with free trade or elsewhere…

(Jim) #6

As long as I’m sitting down when I see my AZN shares @ 59.50 …


To give you some insight this is how we’re thinking


I disagree with the toggle fans. Better to be opinionated on the front-end and do fewer things, avoid complexity, particularly in the early days. After launch, if the userbase is strongly telling you that pounds is really problematic, consider changing it back to pence then.

While we’re on pounds, pence and currencies, if I have a basket of US and UK stocks, how will you represent total portfolio value? In pounds?


Exactly our thinking

(Kenny Grant) #10

Nice idea. You should also make sure you have a price calculator anywhere there is a multiple so that it’s clear what the total value is. This is a minor annoyance on other platforms.


Hi @toby, I remain to be convinced :thinking: Presumably you intend to show fractional pence to 4 decimal places? I.e. LLOY closed at 60.37 = £0.6037 … which in itself is different to how everything else is priced in life…


I wouldn’t care about the .37.

This conversation has been very interesting because it points at the questions of who and what “jobs” Freetrade is actually for.

(I don’t even care about today’s share price at all, to be honest. I tend to buy and hold and as discussed elsewhere I prefer views and tools that slow me down and encourage good investor behaviour. So if Freetrade was designed just for me :slight_smile: it would say something like “LLOY your holding £1,234 total gain/loss £123 (x%)” and it probably wouldn’t need to tell me the share price. I realise that I am probably an outlier.)

(Vik Paw) #13

I don’t mind, however have concerns about how the change from open will be represented. So to take @caribo’s example the gain from 60p as 0.0037
I think it will be easier for newcomers to switch to pence and understand the .37 than look at 0.0037.

On the other hand, if you’re going to have some guides to help these noobs then let’s teach them to look at the % figures which is easier and let’s them compare to growth elsewhere, interest rates in banks, credit cards etc.

I’m in the toggle camp.

  • Toggle
  • Change mindset
  • Whatevs

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(Vik Paw) #14

*Not exhaustive:

  1. Break the mould, introduce free/low cost trade and therefore win over clients including the old school luddites.
  2. Be cutting edge market leaders and encourage responsible investing and planning, attracting new, first time investors.

Outlier or not, we, as a community have to find a balance. It’s easier to ignore the extra decimals or just look at %, than not have them.
A toggle could be something to add to the wishlist for the future - because I certainly don’t want to put change requests in at this stage and risk a delayed rollout. :wink:

(Vladislav Kozub) #15

Hey @caribo, I do agree with you on the importance of having pence simply because it is consistent with LSE. I tried to google the reasons for this rationale, which is unlike everywhere else in the world, but could not find anything.

I personally assume it comes back to the times when pence was more valuable than it is now and this is probably how LSE started operating in 1571, hence the tradition just remains.

Would certainly not be surprised if LSE will harmonise with the rest of the world at some point to show more meaningful pricing format.

In either case, I am all in for a toggle or, even better, an option to switch this in the app setting, so that the main dashboard is not overcrowded with buttons and features.


Toggles end up being a debt, you then have to know the format before showing the price anywhere in the app or emails etc. I’d rather they be opinionated and explain why…


Portfolio value would be in £s - currency of the account.

(Emma) #18

As a first time investor, pounds makes more sense to me

(Vik Paw) #19

Could someone please confirm whether fractions of a penny will be displayed regardless of whether it’s displayed in £ or p.


Love that username