Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure (TEEC)

**Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company **
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The cleanest or greenest energy is the energy that is never used. The Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc is helping to reduce carbon emissions within the UK. Investing in energy efficient projects that are crucial for the transition to a low carbon economy and to achieve the UK’s net zero targets, whilst ensuring our shareholders have an attractive, long-term income source with a positive impact.

Target a total return of 7% to 8% per annum, with a target dividend yield of 5.5% in its first full financial year.

Targets a portfolio of UK based, institutional-grade energy efficiency infrastructure assets across three sectors:

Low Carbon Heat (Combined Heat & Power, Heat Networks)

Heat accounts for over a third of UK carbon emissions and is the most difficult challenge faced enroute to net-zero by 2050.

Heat Networks involve taking heat from a central source and delivering it to domestic or non-domestic buildings. Typically the heat source might be a facility that provides a dedicated supply to the heat network, such as a CHP plant.

Social Housing Retrofit and Industrial Energy Efficiency

Millions of vulnerable adults and children live in energy inefficient homes, which need investment to lower their carbon footprint and to improve energy efficiency. We look at retrofit measures including insulation, double glazing, solar PV and heat pumps.

Industrial emissions are responsible for around 20% of total UK carbon emissions. We will look at improving energy efficiency in steam systems, waste heat recovery and bioenergy/waste utilisation.

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation refers to a variety of technologies that generate electricity, such as solar panels, hydropower and biomass. Distributed generation can help support delivery of clean and reliable power and reduce electricity losses.