TrueLayer's excessive data permissions

Why do I need to share all of this data with TrueLayer just to top-up my Freetrade account?

Are there any plans for Freetrade to use other banking or payment providers that don’t harvest and sell my data like this?

It’s kind of hard to use a payment service without telling them your details isn’t it? Freetrade will be paying TrueLayer a fee per transaction, so it’s not following an advertising model.

You are able just to send a payment specific to the Freetrade account. I sometimes find this just as quick than to jump from FT > TrueLayer > Bank > TrueLayer > FT.

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I thought it was weird I couldn’t find the option for a manual bank transfer anwhere. Turns out it’s at the bottom of the list of banks, my bank is at the top of the list so I didn’t think to scroll :roll_eyes: I shall give that a try, thanks!


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