:iPhone: Uber - UBER

This could include Lyft too but that stock isnt looking too promising at the moment but uber would be a very interesting one to have available to us.

Will UBER stocks available on Freetrade anytime soon?

At the moment it is not even a stock so to speak, Uber is yet to be listed on the exchange :slight_smile:

Once they are listed, it will require a CDI to be offered by Freetrade:

Alternatively, I believe it may be promptly added once Freetrade finishes its investment platform later on this year. But no dates I am afraid :frowning:

We’ve just added Uber (& a few other US tech stocks) to the app :red_car::dash:

I’ve closed this topic to return the votes of everyone who requested this stock but you can carry on discussing Uber’s future here: Uber IPO.