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It’s still 68% down from all time highs, I’m long Uber also (next 5-8 years) so anything under 25 I consider a buy for sure! …my opinion obviously.

How do we think this’ll go?

Not well unfortunately…


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:raised_hands: great news

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I think the Judge has made the right call. If Uber is treating drivers like employees then they should have to meet the same standards that other employers do.


Fantastic ruling. Hopefully this runs the gig economy out of business or forces them to actually compete.

“Move fast and break things” looking ironic now…

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This court ruling is great for their new ‘employees’ but long term I don’t see how they can make the sort of margins they predicted before.

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So several months since the court ruling and drivers don’t seem to be better off. Drivers are arguing that Uber give with one hand (through holiday pay, emoyee pension, etc) and take away with the other (increase in % fee) so pretty much in the same situation as before.

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Parasite going to parasite.

Looked so positive but then hit hard after the trading halt!

The trading halt was Morgan Stanley declaring a 5.2% stake. It then sold off after the announcement/resumption.

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This could generate some decent revenue. Interesting to dilute the brand however, let’s just wait and see before they get political ads targeting people based on where they’re going.


Will this be more negative to Uber, or the relevant governments/politicians?

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It should be explosive and ruin them but like sooo many Guardian exposes it seems people outside the echo chamber don’t really care much.

If it is easier and cheaper most will simply carry on using and not much hope they will be hit hard enough by regulators.

Apparently social engineered…

Slack attack… kept on popping the device for auth to the IT/admin who got fed up and auth’d device onto network…

from there… who knows what they got into…

even with the tightest line of defense, the lowest point is going to be humans.
Their current mitigation is no slack…

This might spill over to slack as to how an 18 year old hacker got there

One things for sure… someone who auth’d that got a P45