UK Bank Withdrawal Complaint

Any idea when Freetrade will finally step into the 21st century when it comes to withdrawals?
It still takes a more than 2 full days to withdraw (after cash available in the account).
Withdrawals into bank account should not take more than a few hours!! (even minutes)

The withdrawals seem to be sent via BACs which is a 3 day service. This I assume is down to cost as BACs is often (but not always) cheaper than FPS.

You used to be able to get a same day withdrawal for a fee, but they stopped doing that because it was a manual process and didn’t scale well.

see Update: Retiring same-day withdrawals

The responses in the Retiring same-day withdrawals thread show that there is currently no plan to go back on this. The best move is to make a new thread in the Ideas category so users can upvote it.

I searched to see if there was one, there appears to be Withdrawals taking 3-5 days but it’s quite out of date. It does have 24 votes though.

I would vote for an Idea like having FPS withdrawals for a fee covering whatever Freetrade has to pay for it. Seems good to have those options. Of course, adding fees anywhere complicates the fee-free structure, which isn’t great at the moment.