UK Execution Partner Unplanned Downtime - Order Cancellation Queued

I’m struggling to understand Freetrades response to this. I get it, things go wrong, that’s life.

But then ignoring your customers as they are losing money and after repeated calls for information?? That is simply abysmal customer service.


They’re not ignoring you. They’ve answered with what little information they have.

Throwing a strop and demanding more answers that aren’t actually available yet, isn’t going to do anything. Just sit tight and wait.


After many hours, i find it very hard to believe this is the only information they have. If that really is the case, then that in itself is very worrying.

Numerous threads have been up to now ignored, and then finally responded to with a cookie cutter response that tells no one anything.


yes, not sure I can agree with the sentiment that shrug that’s all they know. If thats true they’re with the wrong provider. Which means so am I.


Pending limit buy cancellation here since early this morning, it seems I can now place and cancel new limit buy orders so hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Once we have an update on the fix we’ll be in touch right away, understand the frustration - really sorry about this one :pray:


Thank you.

I placed a limit order today and got a message about systems being down. I then cancelled the limit order. Both are showing as pending.

I have some shares to sell as there has been a price spike.

Are there any updates on this ? Unfortunately I could end up losing a lot of money today because of this problem.

Also, if a limit order is cancelled, and the cancellation is showing as pending. Is there a chance the order will still go through despite being pulled ?




Here’s an update on this all, our UK execution partner has now resolved the issue.

Really sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for your patience on this one.

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Apologies but the issue is not resolved, pending cancellations are still pending.

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Any idea how long things should take to process now? I still have a limit order cancellation pending from this morning.

I suppose you want to know how long a piece of string is, as well.

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If i’m paying for it, yes.


Hi, the issue isn’t resolved. I still have a pending cancellation stuck, and a profitable position has turned into a losing position.


Not really, FT have posted about the issues with their provider, in app, on social media, and on this forum. What more do you expect them to do? They can only give you the info they are given themselves. Continually asking for an ETA when FT didn’t know themselves won’t make things go back to normal quicker. This was an issue out of their control, an issue with another company. As far as I can see, FT have been exemplary in getting the info out to all their customers.

These things happen with all brokers, it’s something you just have realise will happen every now and then. This latest downtime has probably affected a tiny tiny percentage of FT customers, and for every person saying they have lost money there will more who have actually made money.

And as everyone says, if you want to day trade there are plenty of other brokers to choose from. Feel free to vote with your feet.


100%, thank you.

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This is where I am on this /\

Investing my money with a platform is based on confidence. you can dress it up as much as you like, but FT have a responsibility to their customers to manage these issues, representing us and keeping the flow of information better than completely opaque. How they deal with this is a direct feed into whether I move my investments to a competitor.


I have an instant order to buy, pending confirmation since about 09:30 today.
I guess it is related to the issue in this thread, but no one has yet mentioned instant orders.

I’m a new customer, and I am wondering how I am supposed to resolve this issue.
Chat has been disabled today by Freetrade and I have been told to email
Freetrade have promised to reply to my email within 7 days!
Actually that would probably be a good result, as my recent chats were only been responded to after 3 weeks.

It’s becoming clear that the only way to resolve the issue to to remove your funds as soon as possible and go elsewhere.


They obviously don’t need to reveal their partner but most of your questions are valid. Their transparency during the Gamestop saga was second to none so I hope they’d continue that if this Limit order issue persists. Several gaps in the business model were identified regarding SPoF in FX partner and as a relatively new broker they may not have the back up routes that a well established player might have. They’ve always developed solutions to such problems and communicated outcomes