UK Green Energy SPAC 🔋🛢

Has anyone looked much at Kistos PLC?

CEO has an incredible track record (ex-Rockrose [RRE.L]) and in his last venture delivered 42x to shareholders. CEO has put in £11m of his own money into Kistos and has a 33% shareholding - proper alignment!

The same team from Rockrose are now going after ‘Energy in Transition’ assets. Their prospectus states:

“Focussed on offshore and onshore hydrocarbon production, energy storage, infrastructure and energy generation projects. The targeted geographies are the UK and Continental Europe. The investment strategy is to acquire assets with a role in energy transition.”

Waiting on first acquisition. Any views?

Latest interview here: Malcy talks to Andew Austin, Chairman of Kistos - YouTube


Umm, that’s isn’t very green?

Have a listen to interview - think they’ll go down storage/CCS route.

Depends, if you are making hydrocarbons by extracting carbon from the air it could be.