Unable to download the freetrade ios app

I am unable to download the app on the bulgarian or US apple app stores. The app store says the app is unavailable on the given store. Which store Should I use to dl the app? I tried to change to the UK store but was unable to.


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Hello Georgi, welcome to the community!

It’s likely that Freetrade isn’t yet available in the Bulgarian App Store yet, so one for the Freetrade team to answer as to when this may appear.

Apple have a handy support article with instructions on how to change your App Store country, link below:

It’s relatively easy to change, but your payment and billing info must usually match the region of the store you’re switching to. So to switch to the UK store, you’ll need a UK registered payment method.

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Hey Georgi, we’ve set the territory to ‘UK’ in the App Store. This is to avoid disappointment, as we’ll offer investment accounts to UK residents only during the rollout.

We have ambitious expansion plans for the near future though. :eu:

I hope this helps!