Unacceptable margin for stock purchase price

How can it be common practice for you to buy a stock on my behalf at a staggering 7.4% difference?

Do you know what 7.4% means to an investor? How can this be acceptable practice?

Don’t buy it if it’s more than a percent or two over the price I’m asking!

Today’s market high isn’t even at the price you bought the stock for. I understand that there are ask and bid prices but then be transparent about them or limit the loss of your investor.

Really disappointed by this highly questionable practice.

What stock are you buying? If it’s a volatile stock, you’re the one taking a risk.

It tells you at the point you press ‘buy’ that prices may be delayed by 15 mins, and that your quoted price is an estimate.

Let us know though and someone will no doubt pop up to be able to help.


It’s almost certainly will be. There’s no margin since placing margin on stocks isn’t allowed. Unless you set a limit order the prices are indicative, only somewhere like HL which gives you a 15 second quote will have an actual quote and it would have been the same price as what you got.

You should have a look at the execution policy as this will tell you exactly how orders are executed.


Use a live price like Yahoo Finance alongside FT. You’ll find it pretty close as they always get you the best price at that moment - app is delayed as they’ve said.

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I really wish FT would offer a live pricing bolt-on. I pay £14 per month on IBKR for live market data. When I didn’t have it I had endless warnings when making trades that it is risky making blind trades without market data. Such a feature would stop all these threads from people misunderstanding.


Seems like we have one of these topics every day now. :roll_eyes: