Topic asking how are UK investors with portfolios under £50k / £100K getting informed and which insights service (if any) are you using for stock market valuation and opportunities?

• I reached out to multiple UK based advisors to see if any provide live insights when opportunities arise, as a service, to know that should the ftse 250 or a Small Cap Trust or US Reits fall into the ‘too cheap’ category or ‘fair value’, that advisory service would send out an email or message giving those insights. Not a single response from any advisor when mentioning £50K / £100K portfolios.

Do you use Seeking Alpha, FT, Motley Fool? I see Pensioncraft providing good metrics. With advisors staying clear of ~£100K portfolios, how are you staying personally advised when dropping regular figures into the market?

So, how are the more active etf, trust and individual share investors who are building & growing portfolios keeping their regular investments guided by valuation and opportunity?


£24,000 portfolio here.

I usually use the FT insights tab to look at sector weight and then use their discovery tab to look at companies in sectors where I do not have a lot of weight.

I then usually scan some stocks I am interested in using FT’s statistics (P/E ratio, PB value etc). If that looks promising then I always use yahoo finance and go through balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements myself.

I have read a few books on how to interpret company financials so feel I am comfortable at doing this using the data on yahoo finance.

Once I am happy with the above I take the jump. I normally invest ~£550 a month and I spread this (30% Index funds) and then the rest I usually put £50 or so in each stock I highlight above.

However, I usually only add 1 position every 2-3 months. I normally use the £50 or so in ‘each stock’ to add to my existing positions.


I’m nowhere near £50k but do plan to keep regular investments into stocks I like. I split roughly 45% ETF %55% individual stocks


Motley fool (US, UK and Canada) and Seeking Alpha is awesome. Only have a membership when a deal comes along as their price is quite high otherwise.

I also listen to podcasts on Spotify and YouTube (e.g. Motley Fool Money & Chit Chat Money).

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Somewhere in the £30,000 range I think. I try not to have to much in any one stock, currency or startup.I have my favourites that I’m always looking to increase holdings. Other than that i use msn and youtube. Anything not a favourite and anything i take a punt on. I usually buy small and look to lower the average. I don’t really touch anything without a diviend.

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