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If you are interested, I have recently completed some analysis on Unilever:

Relative Valuation - Comparable Analysis, Analysts’ Consensus, Valuation Multiples

Intrinsic Value - Fundamental Review & DCF Models

Relative Valuation:

EV/Revenue: £64.00

EV/EBITDA: £55.53

P/E: £52.31

P/S: £67.04

P/FCF: £71.64

Intrinsic Value (Base Case Scenario):

DCF (5y) EBITDA Exit = £44.25

DCF (5y) Perpetual Growth = £54.66

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and if anyone else has completed any analysis recently for Unilever.

You can see my full Unilever valuation analysis here:

Relative Valuation:


Intrinsical Valuation:


NOTE: NOT Investment Advice - Sharing personal analysis based on personal assumptions.

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Underlying sales growth of 7.3%, with 8.3% price and (1.0)% volume

Turnover increased by 11.8%, including a currency impact of 3.5%

They do expect input cost inflation for H2 to be around €2.7 billion. Which is €0.6 billion higher than previously forecast. The update says the greatest area of uncertainty and volatility is around the costs, and they will update with their half year results.

Everything else is in the guidance.

They expect the new organisational structure they announced in January to generate around €600 million of cost savings over two years and to be achieved within existing restructuring investment plans.

The global tea business sale should compete in the second half of 2022.

Anyway, Unilever has done poorly since the year started so let’s see what the market makes of it.

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Anyone recieved their div?

Not yet xx

Not yet, still waiting

Happy birthday @Kalz :birthday:

Thank you xx

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The dividend will come this Monday. :money_mouth_face:

How come Monday?

Seems to be zero logic to dividend payment schedule with FT.

Dividends have to be sent and processed by a few different companies and systems before they arrive. It’s not uncommon for them to arrive in a day or so but the standard operating time to get them out is 5 working days.

Not yet!

Curious about this topic…do you know who is behind processing these payments or how it works in general? Needs to be more reliable.

Freetrade have said they plan to improve the whole dividend experience which included better in app information and hopefully faster payments.


Based on my last interaction with the chat service, standard operating time has moved out to 10 working days now - getting slower rather than quicker.

recieved this morning

Is there anyone else who hasn’t received their dividend for this yet? It was supposed to be paid on Thursday 23 Feb unless I’ve miscalculated that?

Will be paid,dont worry, takes a few business days its not even been 3 days yet.

That’s the ex date. You need to look at the payment date, which is the 21st of March.

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Ah I’m normally very good with the difference between the two but had totally messed up on this one. That’s it exactly - thank you.