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As everyone might have heard Unilever has warned of slower sales and an earning report miss or 3-5%.
Will this earning report be enough to break Unilever’s strong trend. The warning has caused the stock to drop 7%, whilst another competitor P&G is still climbing. What are everyone’s thoughts?


Critical Trend:

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Unilever’s part of a defensive tilt in my high-yield portfolio. I’m not overly concerned about the latest news because it had been looking pretty expensive anyway over the past year. I’ve been waiting for a dip so I can buy more.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing but £53 was certainly the time to sell.


Not really an Earnings miss, they’re just saying growth has slowed. that’s not the same as no growth.

They say “Earnings, margin and cash were not expected to be hit.”

I think the drop might be a bit overdone


Is this in your opinion the dip?

Personally I don’t think the trend, will be broken I believe the growth will slow down, but still bullish/neutral on future growth.

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I’m no expert so I wouldn’t like to say, it’s certainly a dip though. I imagine we’ll find out if it’s a blip or due to more deep-seated problems when the full earnings report is published at the end of January.

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