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Too much (debt) for ULVR to handle at the moment imo. They need to focus on organically growing their many strong brands and also stop their political views from impacting performance.

This is hurting. But, been buying singles on the way down.

Anyone have any views on if the drop ? More to go or over done ?

It must have triggered loads of stop losses.

I’ve got 11 Shs on another platform. I’m down 9% and not going to lie, it’s painful.

Not selling though.

What do you consider Unilever’s political views to be and how are they impacting sales?

I assume he means Ben&Jerrys Israel boycott.

Have a read up on the Ben & Jerry’s Boycott and the knock on impact to pension funds etc., if you’re interested that is. It’s certainly hurting the company

I looked it up. Wow what an absolute mess. You could argue that it would compromise B&J brand image to do nothing. They certainly don’t make sales through product quality so the marketing around it must be doing something.
I read that Ben and Jerrys was one of the brands they were considering offloading to help fund the GSK bid so maybe won’t be an issue for investors for much longer if they’re trying to move away from food and into pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. I’ll be holding for the long term anyway

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