Union Jack Oil - UJO

I’d like to see this company on the Freetrade list as well

UJO. Just got a £7mm placing away. Leaves them well funded

Why can’t I buy this share

Wow…20,000% growth in 5 days.
All thanks to 1 contract which pays royalties at 2.5% on North shore oil fields in almost perpetuity…

If only I’d have seen this 5 days ago…story of my life. Time to start signing up to better alerts.

Might also be something to do with the stock consolidation

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Right on @Wulfy

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Tried buying this share when it was at 0.00014 and couldn’t. Will never forgive this app for that. Telling me it might be my phone. Didn’t seem to have trouble buying other shares. Absolute liberty

What type of gain were you hoping for if you could havd bought at 0.0014?

Whenever i buy penny shares it’s at least a year hold. Same as I’m doing with prem and supply@ who knows what gains I wanted. My dream is always for a penny share to hit 1£. But I do know this. I was going to slap down 250£ on ujo when it was 0.00014 facts, freetrade made me lose out not once but twice all because you had technical issues. Don’t understand why freetrades issues become my problem. Taking money out off my 3 month old sons mouth!!! Not happy at all

Replied on the app.

You realise I’m not a freetrade employee?

Im asking because they are up 28% or so since you invested. Are you aiming for a much bigger increase? If so then surely you can still buy if you’re confident that the company is a multi bagger?

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I have. But not at 14

Great, so you havent missed much. Its actually 13% down over the last 7 days so if you’re still bullish on it then you can still buy. Might even get to the equivalent of 0.0014

The point of all this, is that I shouldn’t have to wait for it to come back down. The issue I have is that this is the second time I’ve tried to buy a share on here and couldn’t because of “technical issues” and that’s my problem because? There’s two things you don’t do in life. Waste someone’s time and play with there money. People have been killed for less.