Universe update [Updated]

UPDATE: This thread has run its course, so we’re closing it. We’ll occasionally need to remove equities from the universe, and we’ll have an outreach process for it.

Currently, the app does not display prices further than 2 decimal places, so we’ve removed the following low-price stocks from Discover because it’s not a great user experience to see £0.00 as a price.

We defined low-price stocks as worth between 1-5p, as due to the current market volatility, just in case these stocks might lose value and become impacted by the limitation of the decimal places.

Current holders will still be able to view and trade, but non-holders will no longer be able to search or view in Discover. Holders should bear in mind that the price indication they see on their app will only reflect the rounded 2 decimal points, i.e. you could be seeing 0.01 when actually it is 0.006.

Apologies to anyone who planned buying these stocks, and let us know any questions and thoughts below. :pray:

ISIN Stock Price as of writing this post
GB00B95L0551 Reabold Resources plc 0.0035
GB00B9MRZS43 UK Oil & Gas plc 0.0040
GB00B90XFF12 Sound Energy plc 0.0107
GB0031852162 Jubilee Metals Group plc 0.0229
GB00BD2YHN21 EVR Holdings plc 0.0392
GB00B15XDH89 Greatland Gold plc 0.0442

Quite frustrating there wasn’t a heads-up before this was done to allow those who want to maintain a position to buy in to keep visibility. (and to allow those who don’t mind the decimal point as they think it’s soon going to be worth a lot more than your 5p threshold! :P)

Perhaps these can be removed after a period of warning or something.


I will point out I’m biased as I sold my holding this morning with a view to buying in next week, and GGP is a share I’ve been following for months…

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Seconded, I have been waiting to build up a position for sometime now.

Surely it would have been better just to leave them up? Anyone can check the price on a myriad of different websites.


how about displaying prices in 4 decimal places instead?


I just don’t understand… people are clamouring for more stocks and now you are removing the ones that exist.


I really don’t understand this. Surely the fix is displaying more decimal points, not removing existing stocks.

Especially when GGP has consistently been one of the most traded stocks on freetrade, according to the weekly post.

I was hoping a decimal price indicator was coming soon, instead it looks like you’re avoiding the problem instead.

Are decimal prices even on a planned improvement list?


Shame about evr


Um, please can we have Greatland Gold back asap as it’s been a top stock of the week for a few months now and I know that I and a number of other investors are building up positions in it. Removing it suddenly like this really isn’t cool. :frowning:



From an engineering stand point, is displaying prices with 4 decimal places an herculean task? Does it have the potential to freeze the app? If not, why not?!

Edit: I don’t have an engineering background, hence I ask


This is a disappointing decision that has been made without the input of the freetrade investors/community. There are many out there that were waiting for an opportunity to stock up on some stocks at a lower price and those that have been removed would have been shares people would have bought.

Surely a development fix can be made and deployed ASAP and the stocks reinstated to the app for everyone to put some money into?


Greatland Gold looks like it might break the 5p threshold today at this rate… does that mean we get it back? :slight_smile:


Further to my last post, what about the thousands of users who do not use the forum?

This should have been sent in a message to all users in app with enough notice to decide whether to buy in/sell out. It certainly does not seem like an emergency situation requiring immediate action. I cannot see why 24/48 hours notice was not possible.

Still, can buy GGP on other platforms I guess…


Yeah this is a crappy decision. :-1:


The decision was a poor one but also the lack of notice seems odd. For the few pennies it would have cost I imagine lots of people would have bought a position to keep the option to buy more. It’s not like this is a £1,000 stock.

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I was looking to top up my account and buy some shares, Greatland Gold being one of them & any other cheap ones. Let’s hope they can resolve this issue ASAP and they’re restored to the app.

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This seems backwards


Better not waste my time writing up anymore deep dives into small caps.