VanEck Morningstar Developed Markets Dividend Leaders UCITS ETF (TDGB)

ETF Name: VanEck Morningstar Developed Markets Dividend Leaders UCITS ETF
Ticker: TDGB

Link: TDGB - JustETF

This is based in Netherlands. Will there be a withholding tax for us in UK?

I’m not 100% sure of the tax implications but I think you would be liable for withholding tax. I’m certain this is the case with French-domiciled ETFs, so I’d imagine it would be due for the Netherlands too.

Generally, you want ETFs that are domiciled in Ireland or Luxembourg.

Companies based in Luxembourg definitely charge the withholding tax; not sure about the ETFs.

I agree about Ireland’s withholding tax situation.

Please could you add TDGB to Freetrade app. Thanks


Please could you add TDGB
Available on Trading212

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Also @ InvestEngine

I’m 99% sure this is subject to withholding tax because it’s domiciled in the Netherlands like VanEck’s global property ETF. I think the rate’s 15% but I’ve plucked that off the top off my head so I may be wrong.

Yes @rehpot - that is correct. There is a withholding tax on dividends with this ETF.

That aside, this ETF has performed admirably when compared against some of it’s peers:

The outsized bounce out of the COVID crash shows a very impressive 3 year return - likely driven by being a bit overweight energy and materials.

I have quite a big holding of TDGB in my AJ Bell SIPP and it would be a welcome addition to my Freetrade ISA.

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Thanks for the chart :point_up:

Hopefully @acamp or @EmilieGauthier can add TDGB