Vertu Motors plc VTU

This firm operates car dealerships, boasting itself as 5th largest in the UK. Formed in 2006, Vertu aim to grow shareholder value by acquiring new businesses to add to their portfolio.

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I worked for Vertu Motors for a couple of years. Good company and one of the better big dealer networks in the UK in my opinion :+1:

adj PBT 80.7m which is another upgrade.

Outlook: usual supply chain caveats but March and April had strong trading.

Net tangible asset per share 66.8p.

Some macro headwinds but positives on margins. Markets can go up and down in short term but this stock clearly has a margin of safety.

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Nice to see a good trading update today

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Nice price increase today,

I wonder if that has anything to do with TDR capital/Constellation Automotive owner of Cinch/we buy any car have brought 3.10% of shares

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