Very disappointed! Android-6 too old for Freetrade

Was planning to start using FreeTrade but find I am unable to do so because my Android Phone (Sony Xperia E5) is considered “too old” running Android-6. The phone is perfectly good and runs all other apps with no problem so I see no need to change it!
Also, very disappointed that there isn’t a web browser interface to Freetrade for situations like this (I would prefer to use my desktop/laptop anyway rather than my phone for investing)!
So overall very, very, very disappointed!


Except for the buckets full of security holes and vulnerabilities on the phone, im sure it does work perfectly fine.

Android 6 was EOL 3 years ago. Its not even a Freetrade thing, you should consider updating your phone so you’re not left vulnerable. Especially if it has access to any personal or financial information.


To be fair it’s only a 4-year-old phone. It’s really Sony’s fault for not releasing any updates. I just replaced my Samsung galaxy S7 which was released around the same time and it got updates all the way to android 8.

Android 6?

2015 called, it wants it’s operating system back.


You’re going to freak when FT release this and realise you can’t run it on Netscape.




You guys are killing it but it’s easy to understand. Not everyone wants to upgrade every 2-3 years.

However, a 5 year old Android running perfectly keeps me scratching my head

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Yeah I I think everything just taking the joke. The hardware might be fine but the software isn’t, and you can’t ignore that. Honestly it’s probably a large reason why iPhones do so well, outside of the easy of use aspect. 5-6 years of support means you can keep your phone for 5 years without worrying. They’re not so expensive one you take in total cost of ownership.

Its a big problem with android imo, and one that’s like a dirty secret.


That sucks :frowning: It’s really Sony’s fault for not updating the phone to the latest version of Android though. I’ve been an Android user since the start of smart phones but this year I’m jumping ship to Apple/iPhones (though a 2nd hand one). I’ve had enough of Android phones that stop getting updates after a few years, leaving you with perfectly fine hardware but a phone that’s not secure anymore.

As someone else pointed out, Apple supports their devices for a lot longer than Sony/other Android manufacturers do.

Out of interest, are all your banking/credit card apps still working?

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While this is an Android support/security issue, it highlights the fact that without your phone you could feasibly loose access to your Freetrade account if you don’t buy a new phone every few years. I tend to hold onto a phone for 3-4 years which is why I prefer to get stock / Android One devices.

All the more reason for Freetrade Web to be a priority!


This is part of the reason I want a web app.

I don’t really care about phones, before Freetrade I didn’t even have a smart phone, I bought one just to use this app. I have hardly anything else on it

I don’t want to be in a position where I’m forced to buy another one in a couple of years just to use Freetrade while this one works perfectly well

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My first smartphone was Sony, I remember how long it took them to push Android 2.1 and being stuck on Android 1.6 for like a year (which didn’t even have multi-touch! - no pinching gestures etc…).

I’ve never bought anything but stock / Android One devices since.

Freetrade Web is very important though


Thank you for (some of) the responses.

While I agree the blame lies with Sony for not updating the software - a 4 year old phone should not be obsolete!

I do not do any financial transactions currently on my phone (other than the Lidl app ;-). My web browser of choice is Chromium-86.0.4240.75! I run Linux with kernel 5.9… both much more secure than Android or Windows!

Trading212 provides both a web browser version and supports Android-6 so looks like I will be using them rather than Freetrade. Still very disappointed!

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Like you said - blame Sony…

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It’s time for you to buy iphone12.

Aren’t we supposed to buy Apple shares rather than iPhones? :rofl:


buy apple shares
buy iphone
share price goes up
I can’t believe nobody’s thought of this yet.