Volatility Index

VIX futures is up 16%. VIX index up 45%.

You know old adage “Sell in May and go away”.

For long term investors, it should be seen as an opportunity. Research great dividend growth companies while traders scramble and buy them on the dip!


Gotta love the Trump effect :slight_smile:

Isn’t that almost 50%? :wink:

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I meant Futures VIX… is up 16%.

You’re right on the screenshot above. It is the actual Index… holy cow 45%!

Closing was 12.87 last friday, today it’s 18.73 ~ 45%

Now is there an opportunity to Short the index that is 45% and buy the futures that is up 15%? There’s a spread of 30% to capture. Just curious.

I don’t think that it is simple. If it was, the spread should be close to zero.
Volatility trading is for professionals.

VIX above 30 is when the fun starts.

Its now at its highest since January. I’m not at all surprised, the upturn over the last few months combined with all these ridiculous IPO’s coming to the market meant that something had to give. I’d expect a few weeks of this

Nah it’s just that oaf in the oval office, no reason for the VIX to jump, the economy is sound. Threatening to derail the economy with an all out trade war is not good. Market should be back to normal by Friday.

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That is a very nice logo you’ve got there

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Volatility index spiking.

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Death of days gains in one tweet! Gees

Europe is practically on life support at this point, UK could be recessionary by the end of the year. Really was hoping we would last until xmas or early next year.

Starting to feel very much like a death knell…

Wow my portfolio has been slammed this morning over 2% down in minutes, damn, time to buy then I guess :grinning:

Looking quite red across all UK stocks in discover tab at the moment… Good luck!

Red across the board, just in time for my monthly Freetrade top-up.