Weird graph behaviour


Not sure if best place to report bugs but when I use the max time frame view my graphs have a huge spike which I don’t think is accurate. Doesn’t happen for all.



Without having researched it at all, these are most likely stock splits.

If I recall correctly, there was some talk about this being a bug, and a solution was being searched for about how to best handle it in the graphs.

JD Sports had a 5:1 stock split in maybe 2016 for “liquidity improvement”.
Rightmove—10:1 in 2018.
Nike—2:1 in 2012.

Since :freetrade: has been growing with seed money (no VC Series X rounds that I’ve heard of yet), things like that will occasionally pop up, but the product is up and running, has been improving, and, more importantly, trading works. You’ll see loads of improvements. Reminds me of early days of Airbnb.

Also, such returns :exploding_head: :athletic_shoe:

Ah, that would make sense.

Do other financial sites/products adjust historical data based taking any splits into account to prevent showing spikes?

I’m enjoying the app so far, wish they existed years ago :smiley:

Really happy with regular addition of new stocks as that was a frustration a few months ago, look forward to more stats in the app so I don’t jump into other apps to do research

Yahoo! Finance is free, has nice historical charting options, but there is a Premium version too. (Motley Fool US), are partially free, have some OK research, especially Motley Fool.