Weird phantom share bug

On friday I sold my 3 Facebook shares. However they are still showing in my portfolio. I thought it was just a refresh issue, but Halfway through monday and they are still there. If I click on them I can see one buy of 3 shares, one sell of 3 shares and 3 shares still in the account.

My account balance is ~£450 higher than it should be

Kind of Hoping I stumbled on a way to print free money, but I suspect it’s a display issue and I no longer have the shares :smiley:

I messaged Live chat but no response yet

I’ve seen this the other way around when purchasing. The account balance gets updated, but the actual share do not show in the portfolio for quite a while. seems to take some time for things to be in sync…

I’ve seen short delays before but this is all weekend and half of Monday, Support are looking into it now

It’s sorted itself out now