We're crowdfunding on Thursday 14th May 🎈

51,747,373 + x = y
n = # shares you own
n / y * 100 = your % stake in FT

I guess we won’t know x at least until the payments have processed (accurate numbers after the next CH filing). Looks like new shares may be closer to 2,500,000 going by the “equity” value on Crowdcube though. Also, the “raised” value on CC is not divisible by 2.51. So it looks like CC includes fees in the value raised.

Edit: going by the 4.83% equity that would be 2,626,246 new shares issued but again, we will have to wait until payments have processed and filings are ready to submit until we can get the real number.


I have made a small investment on Crowdcube (from another email address), and uploaded all necessary documents last Wednesday. Why is my payment still being processed? How long will it take?

Hi, best to contact Crowdcube directly and they’ll be able to help:


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When did you invest? If it was after the 3 million or so mark it will not go out for a while. I made several pledges. One was in the first batch and the others are going out in the next (july I think). These all have the pending notice on them.


Ok, seems like I was too impatient :smile: Will wait until July. Thank you :wink:

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Some peoples payments are taking longer than others. Mine was processed last week.

I got an email notification 24 hours before they took the money which is their standard procedure i believe. Perhaps yours went into the spam folder?


Also had 24 hours notice


My payment still hasn’t been collected

How much was raised when you invested?

You almost certainly invested in what was the second offer, and your investment will be collected in July.

We’ll update this forum / our social channels / send newsletters as soon as Crowdcube confirms when exactly in July it’s going to collect that investment.

More info:


I’ve just seen the comments in the other threads yea I must have just been later getting in. Thanks for the reply!


Received just now:

This is an update relating to your investment in Freetrade.

As a reminder, Freetrade’s raise had two separate offers of shares, which will be completed and closed separately. The price and terms are the same for both offers. There were two separate offers of shares due to limits imposed by financial and EIS regulations, on the number of shares that companies can offer and issue within a 12-month period. As a result, Freetrade needs to separate the formal offers of shares and close them separately.

We have now completed the first offer of shares with the Company. As you have invested in the second tranche of the raise, we’ll be in contact in the next couple of weeks, when the completion process for the second offer of shares will commence. At which point, we will send you a cooling-off email.

The cooling-off email is a key part of the Crowdcube investment process, which many of you who have invested via Crowdcube before will be familiar with. The cooling-off email is the formal offer by Freetrade, to you, the investor, to purchase shares in the company.

The cooling-off email contains the Legal Review, which includes the full terms of the offer from Freetrade, along with disclosures about Freetrade and its affairs so that you have the necessary information to enable you to make a decision about whether or not to proceed with your investment. You will have 7 days from when the cooling-off email is sent to consider your investment before it is made final.

When the cooling-off period has expired we will send a payment warning email to notify you that your payment will be processed within 24 hours. Payment will be taken from the card you have provided. Should you wish to change the payment details you have provided when making your investment, you can do so via the ‘Payments’ section of your Crowdcube account.

Best wishes,
The Crowdcube Team

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I also received the email. I was starting to wonder when the money would be taken.

Am I right in interpreting the email as meaning it’ll be EIS eligible?

Hello, why the round is open on crowdcube but only for certain users?

Do you have the link?

https://www.crowdcube.com/invest/bvP4rl/your-investment for me its showing I can invest, probably if someone wants to invest in last minute I think this is the chance. I have invested in both the offerings.

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People who pledged but who missed out can use any of the small amount of unallocated shares from people who could not get the financing in place to pay for their pledges!


I tried to invest more but it said “Opportunity is restricted to certain users.”

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