💀 What happens to your account if you die? 💀

I don’t think the legal framework requires anyone to keep assets as is though? Which was my original question in this thread (I know your not responding to that). As there’s no public policy (I don’t think that’s changed?) it’s not known what freetrades capabilities are.

In the event i die, what are the limitations imposed by freetrade? Can the assets be transferred into someone else’s name, do they have to be transferred away from freetrade if they don’t support this? Do they have to be liquidated because they don’t support transfers to other named individuals?

For example other brokers will freeze your account and your beneficiaries will have options to liquidate and hand over the cash, or to have the accounts transferred to their own GIA in their own name.

It’s not a huge deal, I’d be dead, but it makes it more difficult to plan for. Where as if you were to know that freetrade can’t facilitate any option except liquidation then you can make plans around that assumption



Apologies for this morbid subject. But I would like to know what happens should death occur to a FT user?

How are the shares then managed?


Hi folks,

There should be a phone number, address an email for the office at Freetrade that deals with the bereavement of the account holder.

I have a file for my widow and Executors of my Will which provides this information. I cannot find any such contacts on the Freetrade site.

I know there are lots of youngsters on here who won’t be thinking of such things. But my father had a book where he listed all his financial details and even though a bit out of date it was very useful and means the executors can process the Grant of Probate, final tax Return etc. without a costly solicitor. Most banks are very helpful in this way. I have been Executor of wills for 3 family members and you do need to know account numbers etc., etc…

I keep all my information in a free form database which I periodically save as a pdf and can easily print and hold in a suitable labelled file. The database means I can easily update change of names (Insurance Companies are always changing names!!)

Instead of being morbid I found the process quite liberating. I have over 50 database entries a bit like index cards and it surprises me how it continues to grow with ne website links etc.

I even have sample template letters to send out plus lots of hints and tips from my own experience as an Executor.

Anyway Freetrade team I think this topic should be in the Q&As “What to do if someone dies?”

Any other ideas?


What on earth is the problem here? Can Freetrade just clarify what the position is regarding the questions on this thread?

When I die. There’s no one to admin my estate so for me I guess my account and investments will stay active.
Forever !
That gives some comfort to think in 500 years my account will be worth £trillions :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:


Nope. The Crown will get them at some point much much closer than that (if you are unmarried and have no children).


It would be placed on the bona vacantia list

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Put in your will to donate your investments to a charity of your choice


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