What if you lose your phone?

Last night before bed I was thinking about how dependent I am on my phone. Most of my financial apps come with a website version too so it’s not an issue but a few (Freetrade and Starling) are mobile only…what happens if my phone is stolen? How would people link their account to a new phone/number?


Good question. My thoughts on this would be, on the FT website, you use the chat feature (same as the one in the app) and alert the team to whats happened so they can potentially freeze your account or lock it for you until you get a new phone, re-download the app and sync up your details??

I’d take note elsewhere of your FT numbers, account details etc so you have it handy to quote to the team.

That’s my take on it, but i could be way off on what their actual procedures are.

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You would email freetrade and they would Sort it out. It wouldnt be a 5 minute job or any old joe could pretend to be you and take over your account. Freetrade probably deal with this more often that youd imagine.


If you lose your phone or have it stolen, drop us an email at hello@freetrade.io. We can quickly freeze your account so it can’t be accessed. Once you’ve got your device back (or bought a new one), we’ll go through some security steps with you to get your access back :+1: