Cannot Retrieve Lost Account

Recently lost my phone when travelling and have just arrived back home and logged into my Freetrade account to find £0 in my account. My card linked to the account had been frozen and cancelled so there was no way for someone to access my funds. As I logged back in today it was clearly a new account as it had no funds but it was still the same email address linked to the account. I deposited £1 to from my account that was the same as previously used to see if it would fetch my funds and link the account back but nothing has happened. Contacted Freetrade support in the app and have been left on read by some bot for 17 hours… I have roughly £7,000-£8,000 in the account so need to retrieve ASAP.

Hi Frazer,

Thanks for flagging this. I’ve raised this with customer support and given them the email address you’ve used to register on the community forum here so someone can get back to you and investigate further.

It sounds like you might have used a different email address to register your Freetrade account originally from everything that you’ve said. Your account would not just be closed so we’ll want to investigate properly incase someone was able to access your account after you lost your phone.