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Is that for a year?

I pay on average £30-40 a month for heat and hot water with gas. (N. Ireland)


Alas, that was just for the month of February :exploding_head:

It’s one of the disadvantages of an old house - limited options for insulation and lots of draughty places.

I’m amazed at the range of prices people are paying. Mine is ~£90 per month for gas and electric, and that builds credit in summer. The last few months with the government handout I only paid about £25

My heating is hardly ever on even in winter though, I’m out of the house a lot. Even when it’s on I have the thermostat quite low

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That is awful.

I hope you have a lovely stately home for that price.

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Yes it does seem to vary wildly.

I guess the variables of different dwelling types, hours of heating required and supplier prices are all greatly varied.

Sadly, not. Edwardian, detached, no cavity walls to insulate, draughty doors, rattly windows, stripped floors and open fireplaces :roll_eyes:

Well I hope your investments even it out for you a little :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bit of a round up:


:scream: Are your bills based on estimated or actual reads? £25/day sounds high even by today’s standards.

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Great interview with prof Campbell, amongst other things, here:

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But you can do something about all of those things, can’t you? Modern doors, windows, roof insulation, open fireplaces with wood stoves etc. Even exterior walls can get a small improvement with rendering. Or is it listed? £750 a month is minimum wage for 16 hours a week!

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The February bill was actual, albeit a couple of extra days because I was late reading the meter. (And had a poorly person here who needed heat). Thankfully, it dropped in March and the ongoing monthly DD is only ££349.

Summer projects may include more draught proofing where it’s possible. Old houses aren’t so desirable at the moment but I can see reasons why having 50 cats and living in one room.become something that happens to us with age … :hugs:

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Winter ours is over £400/month. 4-bed detached, so on the large side but not huge by any means. Built in the 60s, so solid as a rock. And that’s with new windows, roof and boiler in the last 10 years, jumpers and warm pjs etc.


Old house enjoyer here too. Built 1937, winter bills were over £300 pm and that was with the heating only going on when absolutely freezing. Or wife being home while I’m out :zipper_mouth_face:

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Short S&P 500 and Short Vix non-recommendations or insights please?


I can feel the core inflation coursing through my veins.

Time to buy more GME

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Well, up it goes with retail sales rising faster than expected. We really must stop buying stuff for a moment. Unfortunately the financially and politically illiterate (which I must add, I am pretty close to being) need to play the game to get a handle on inflation.

I feel really sorry for those mortgaged to the hilt on variable rate deals but I guess that is how things work.

Of course the government are still giving cash to low income families in the form of cost of living payments, so I wonder how much of an effect this is having on consumer confidence?

Certain benefits rise with inflation. I wish my wage went up by inflation!


Good reads including (i) Effects of 5-10% Allocation to Gold and (ii) Slashing FX costs. In which currency should I Buy ETFs?

Weekly press review:

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Me too. Waiting for the results of a pay review.