What’s your biggest share gain and share loss

Greetings Fellow Freetraders

I’m curious to know what your biggest gains / losses were. You don’t have to post figures if you don’t feel comfortable

For me my biggest gain was Sound Energy

My biggest losses were: AstraZeneca and Diageo

Just looked at sound energy. That’s taken a huge fall. Do you currently have anything invested? You think it’ll recover longterm?

My biggest gains RB. Loss, Aston Martin

Biggest Gains: Shopify (103%) and Spotify (74%)
Biggest Losses: Vistry (-34%)

On this subject I think its worth thinking about a point raised in other threads on the forum - A loss isn’t a loss until you sell same goes for a gain. I know people take profit and firms go bust etc. Since I started trading on Freetrade 13 months ago I haven’t had any disaster stories of taken any large % profit out.


I can’t disagree more strongly with this statement. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

If your share goes up - you are in profit. If it goes down - you have made a loss.

Just because it may recover the loss or lose the gain doesn’t make it not real at that given moment in time.


If your share goes up - you are in profit. If it goes down - you have made a loss.

I mean you are showing a profit you haven’t made a profit. Just my opinion - but I think if I have sold out at a loss I have made a loss on it and vice versa.
But I take your point if that’s not what the thread is about I will say no more


Biggest loss was Violin Memory - a US listed flash memory storage company who went bankrupt. Read a few good things about them, tried to catch a falling knife. Lost a couple thousand dollars.

Hi Paul

I was actually lucky I invested in Sound energy when they were trading at literally a penny per share so any tiny increase on that penny has created profit for me. I’m now just deciding when to sell

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If its ok, I’m going to take a little liberty with your question, and post my top 10/bottom 10 - I don’t mind sharing the percentages and it’s good to show people some of the different winners and losers currently.

Nikolai 388%
Greatland Gold 207%
NIO 135%
888 120%
AO 124%
Square 103%
Boohoo 103%
Travis Perkins 89%
Spotify 88%
Cloudflare 50%

Redrow -41%
Lloyds -36%
Barclays -34%
British Land -35%
BP -35%
Ibstock -30%
City of London -20%
Commercial Property - 20%
Crest Nicholson - 18%
Shell - 16%

None of my losses are realised yet as I haven’t sold them, and intend on holding most of them a significant period of time, most stem purely from being bought just before the impact of COVID, and I havent averaged the costs as I put money into other opportunities instead (most of which are in the gains list)

Important to note the context of the conversation in the original thread - it was a forum member asking how they can learn to cope with seeing losses in their investments and not panic sell - the quote is around the fact that the impact of the loss isn’t until you sell, if you believe the fundamentals are solid and the price will recover its a way of rationalising it for some - it works for me.

Biggest gain - Tesla
Biggest loss - good old Aston Martin

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Until now National Express: - 21%
Biggest gain: naked Wines: + 12%

What I’m holding currently


  • Plug Power
  • Ocado
  • ITM Power
  • Docusign
  • Spotify
  • Greatland Gold
  • Pan African Resources


  • Datadog
  • Frontier
  • Illumina
  • Nio
  • Renewables Infrastructure
  • MongoDB

Biggiest gain is +17% on AV

Biggest loss is -5% on RDW

I actually gained on NIO. Just goes to show how important timing is. When to invest and when to sell.

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Very useful. Thanks for posting the percentages

I’ve bought/sold to early or too late, which is annoying. However, I read somewhere that it’s about being in the market not timing the market.

Current biggest loss is lloyds -38%

Yeah I sold my shares in Lloyd’s because they were losing too much money.