What’s your loss?


It is time in the market that counts. Timing the market is fiendishly difficult. A strategy which is difficult to beat is investing little and often, pound cost averaging. This is the principal reason why I was drawn to Freetrade in R2 onwards. You can do this at little or no cost.

What with current state of sinister panto politics and levels of uncertainty high, market volatility will continue. I’ll personally be drip feeding into the markets throughout and keeping quite a bit back to invest a little heavier closer to Brexit.



(Ben Baygan) #43

Totally agree on that investing often and consistent is the best way to beat down trends and gain on uptrends.

As for Brexit, its kind of gamble/luck. If they find a working solution and agreement to continue with the trade even after the brexit the market will go up. But if they cant find a solution and the deadline passes then the market will surely go down. Neither way its good to have cash for buying cheap before the uptrend again. :grin:

(Simran Cashyap) #44

It was a tough / interesting year. Glad to hear that most people weren’t hit too hard by the downturn.

I somehow managed to have a good year overall. I would love to say it was skill, but I was forced to make some big sells in the middle of the year to generate cash, and it worked massively in my favour. Interestingly - none of my assets sold in 2018, were also bought in 2018. I take that as a positive, with respect to my investment horizon.

Best Trade - Statpro [SOG]
Worst Trade - Centamin [CEY] - Lesson: Focus on operational details, not just financial metrics
Fave Trade - Mastercard [MA] - This has been on my watchlist forever, finally got in!


I accidentally “timed the market” during a switch of my ISA from one platform to another. I sold everything a little while before the drop, and the new provider had a bug and failed to carry out my buy order to reinvest after the transfer. The buy order only went through after most of the drop had occurred. I’m down fractions of a percent since then, but when the market recovers I expect to see big gains.

My JISA transfer wasn’t so lucky and was down something around 10-20% at worst. Now it’s back up to 5% loss. I’ve no doubt it will also recover.


Being a first time investor this investing lark is incredibly addictive

I’m seeing +++ for the first time and can’t keep away :joy:


Markets are recovering a bit, I’m now only 4.8% down. Not sure I am happy as I am only into month 5 of my 15 year plan!

(Kenny Grant) #49

It’s a great time to be at year 1 of your 15 year plan really. Stocks are on sale, and might even get cheaper this year as it goes on. If you’re saving for 15 years ideally you want to get as much as you can into the market in the next few months IMO (as long as you’re not picking risky stocks but big solid companies which will still be there in 15 years).

So personally I think being down at present is totally fine, and is an indicator you should buy some more at the moment if you can afford it, then wait for it to go up.


Sorry I should have clarified, I want the stock to be cheap, I don’t want it to start going up now it is too soon.

(Viktor) #51

My “loss” right now :sweat_smile::

(Chris) #52

You called Rightmove ages ago. Should have listened :sob:

(Vladislav Kozub) #53

@everyone, look at what an unacceptable portfolio looks like - no diversification, no ETF positions, all in just a single company! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Unless of course Viktor has temporarily cleared other securities for the sake of the soon-arriving Tesla stocks :wink:

(Viktor) #54

:point_up: Exactly! I’m living on the edge.

I had to sell all my stocks and ETFs when my account was converted to ISA. I am indeed waiting for a few stocks to launch very soon. :wink:

(Stu) #55

2 months in and about 4% in the green at the moment, so happy days.

Only made small investments so far as was waiting for ISA (now got) and more choice on the stocks front - none of my go-to stocks are onboard yet.

But very happy as both a customer and a founding member, love the simplicity & clarity of the interface compared to the other systems I use. Can’t wait for a big influx of new stocks so I can really start some serious investing :money_mouth_face:

(Alex Sherwood) #56

It’s great to hear that you’re liking the app :facepunch: have you posted / voted for the the stocks that you’d like to invest in, in #stock-requests?

(Stu) #57


I’ve voted for a few, but will spend some time at weekend posting and voting if I get the chance! Planning to move some stock from another ISA once my safe-bet companies are available, subject to ISA allowance of course!


On Freetade I’m +16.6% now, was around +20% yesterday. Half my Freetrade funds are invested in one company, that’s jumped about 30% in the last month :grin:


Which company is it that you are invested in that returned so much?

(Sorry for the long sentence but “which company?” apparently wasn’t long enough, it needs to be min 20 chars)


Superdry - I’ve been tracking them for a while, they have a fair amount of cash, sales are still good all things considered, plus they are expanding to foreign markets.

Anyway on December 12th, they blamed the weather for poor profits, and the share price dropped to 3.50ish, I was going to get in but I procrastinated, eventually moved some money around and brought a few hundred shares before the ex-div date.

Since then it’s been in the green, so not only do I get the nice sp rise, I am also going to get a good dividend payment soon-ish.

In other news I’ve been buying in the dip, and I have a 10% ( Barclays ), and few 5%’s.

Although I’m holding these for a while, so it might all go to pot tomorrow :sweat_smile:


Well done, I’ve personally given up selecting individual shares - I always seem to pick the wrong ones - just sticking to ETF’.

I like dividends too, in my simplified view dividends mean you win even when sp goes down.


Thanks - most of my investments overall are in ETFs or investment trusts as well since nothing is guaranteed.

But sometimes I like to dabble with single shares even though I know buying the market is safer :sweat_smile: