Whats the best dividend payment date tracker

Whats the best dividend payment date tracker website with a good search facility?


Dividend Max is pretty decent👍🏼


I gave up on that after feeding a few dividend paying companies and they came up blank. VHYL for instance ? FTSE All world High Dividend

Try MarketBeat, also very solid. I used DividendMax as well, was brilliant, but you need a paid subscription to get the full benefits.

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Coverage for dividends paid by ETFs is generally rubbish.

It’s partly why I build FinKi.

I cover all ETFs and try my best to have dividend data for them. Sometimes I run a few days behind official dividend declaration - but, hey, it’s free!

As of last week about 90% of all FinKi API calls from users are dividend related. Honestly I could delete the hundreds of other features and very few people would care as long as dividend data remained.