Which stock are you going to buy during the dip due to coronavirus?

Carnival is up 20% since I gambled. Not sure whether to just sell it now and thank my blind luck.

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I’m skipping Carnival as their debt is just too high and it will take a long time before for the world to recover financially and start booking holidays again.

Bought some more Shell today, and considering National Express…but their debt concerns me too.

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Also bought some shell today, and averaged down on Legal & General, Barratts, and Taylor Wimpey.

Looking to lock in these dividends going forward. And like CODF says if you get these current yields and over the next 5-10 years you get regular increases on that your yield could be insane!


I’m fully expecting lots of dividend cuts this year, I’m not expecting to get any dividends on the cheap stocks I’m buying right now, but if I do - so much the better. The point is to hopefully bag as many shares as I can so in future I’m well positioned for dividend reinvestment :slight_smile:

If the pound stays so low, will have to change my investment tack, so may perhaps pivot from US heavy to UK heavy.

So what are the highest dividend paying UK companies that have seen the biggest share price drop and are available on FreeTrade, yet are likely to be able to at least somewhat sustain dividend payments? Asking for a friend. :wink:

Aviva? Rio Tinto? Shell? Imperial brands? WPP? HSBC? Vodafone? GSK?

Tough one.

Historical financial data for equities only goes back to early 20th (?) century. “[ X ] hasn’t happened before” is no longer a valid argument because only a few weeks ago we were gambling with Tesla shares. The 2008-2009 crisis didn’t happen and no investment house like Bear Stearns ever collapsed until it all happened.

Aviva… Ohh man I would steer WELL clear of Insurance companies right now :laughing:

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Had a brief convo with Infant Investors about the poor exchange rate, and I agreed with him when he said it’s like a double edge sword.

You’ve got these amazing prices in US stocks just now, but don’t want to invest because of the exchange rate. But when the exchange rate eventually normalises, no doubt US stocks will have risen by then.

A catch 22 imo.

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Indeed. The US has extended its dollar exchange programme to more countries, so hopefully that will wade the crunch on the dollar somewhat and help rally the pound, but it’s anyone’s guess at the moment.


I got a long shopping list of US stocks I am after, but am finding it much harder to get excited about any UK stocks other than Shell or L&G, which both have plunged so much, but have a good dividend and will be around for quite some time to come.

Carnival plunged as wel and has a really good dividend, but does seem a bit of a gamble now.

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I took profits on a few stocks and have reinvested it into Shell and LGEN aswell, I also find it hard to buy UK stocks, and I don’t want to just be buying some for the sake of it just because it’s more U.K. I’d rather just buy more of the FTSE 100 or 250 in that case.

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I bought some Shell.

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You don’t know if the pound will ever recover much to the dollar. It’s been going down fairly steadily over decades.

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Ploughing money into MSCI world ishares and LGEN daily. Lloyds and aviva have to much of my money right now so I’ll just hold haha. Not selling a thing. Long term investor, I think we will see close to bottom soon for solid companies. Week to week volatility yes but a slow down, yep.

iShares hedge is keeping my portfolio level right now, compared to other stocks around 10-60% down currently. Highly tempted to risk some cash at carnival though, may hit them when they recover to £10-15, they I know the market for it is recovering.
IMO just keep investing to your solid shares, that’s the best outcome if you’re a long term investor anyway :smile:

Could somebody in layman’s terms with laymen’s examples, give hedged gbp etf’s the explanation?

@hrochfor1 is probably the best person for this job.

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Thoughts on wh Smith? Lots of exposure to hospitals, second largest takings on their books…

Lots of exposure to airports as well. Recently issued a profit warning and probably not the last.

Anyone buying supermarkets right now? Surprised they’re not being talked about on here.

Tesco is down 10%. Unbelievable. They’ve emptied out their old stock full price and selling twice the food they normally do. In for a bumper year. Sainsbury and Ocado too (their share prices have jumped big).


No. I would never invest in (British) supermarkets. Supermarket margins are so slim even in good times that bad times can push them significantly. They won’t grow either. It’s literally the most saturated market.

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