Why aren't all stocks on Freetrade?

Hi all

I’ve had a bit of a search around but can’t seem to find the answer. When asking Freetrade why all stocks aren’t available (excepting those that require specific info - e.g. Airlines), they cited liquidity being the issue.

Why is liquidity an issue? Does this pose risks to investors investing via Freetrade?



Liquidity was given as a reason for not listing all the AIM stocks, if that’s what you mean

The rest are waiting for the new investment platform ™️so they can add loads quickly

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We’ve shared some more details about adding stocks in this thread & the threads that’re linked to there: List all of LSE & AIM

I hope that helps!

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I’ve just removed a post from this thread which contained some assumptions about Freetrade’s costs at the moment and in the future.

People not working at Freetrade that speculate about our costs or how they would change as the product develops might mislead our community.

Having said that, we are always transparent about the costs that you pay when you use our service and these are listed on our pricing page.

To sum up, it’s best to avoid making guesses about this type of thing and we really appreciate your understanding here!