Why is the Freetrade app not available on PlayStore?

I’ve been given a referral to FreeTrade. Installed the app from Google Play Store. Gave an email address. Checked mail. Opened webpage. Sent phone number. Got SMS saying install a random app.

Clearly not the right app! What is the app for FreeTrade?

Is your Google account/play store set to UK?


What random app?

A “Magic Link” to an app in the SMS. Not a Google Play URL.

You said you had an sms saying to install a random app? which app?

I installed the app from Google Play. Followed the setup instructions and have ended up with a SMS saying “Click here to download Freetrade https://magic.freetrade.io/d/xxxxxxxxx” (where xxxxxx is a code).

I’ve already installed the app from the Google Play Store. So what random app is this?

The freetrade app. It sounds like you installed the app. then separately are following some other process. not sure where the phone number comes into it :man_shrugging:

You’ve opened and signed up in the app? when signing in for the first time you enter your email and you get a magic link in your email that opens up in the app.

Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 15.08.36 You’re getting this? You need to do it on your phone not on your computer


I accepted a referral (from a trusted person). They said the same thing and followed the SMS link.

Probably just a mechanism to stop bulk signups.


Yep. That’s what I got. Got it all sorted now. Thank you.


Awesome. Glad its all sorted

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What version of Android are you running on?

I just upgraded from my trusted Samsung s5 because the furthest you can upgrade to is android 6… And I wanted to use freetrade again. Freetrade is android 7 onwards I think.

So if you have android 6 or lower it won’t be visible in play store.

Edit… So you’ve already got it sorted and I’ve just revealed to everyone that I have used the same brick phone for about 7 years. D’oh!!!


I envy you… My Note2 lasted 5

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