Will their be any future opportunities to invest in Freetrade?

By this, I don’t mean in the future when it hits the stock market (if it reached that point).

I totally missed the CrowdCube campaign, I was joined up well in that time but just wasn’t aware of the campaign. I’d love to get in and get a shiny badge for £10 even if that were raised to not offend early adopters, I’d still pay up to £50 to invest in something I 1) Believe in and to get the honour of having a badge on my profile showing I was an earlier adopter.

Pretty vain I know but I’ve come somewhat of a Freetrade evangelist and I’m gutted I’ve possibly missed the train now for additional perks for early investment, are there any future plans for additional fund raising rounds?


There are players out there valued at billions who come back to the crowd. That said I’d imagine its easier to just go to a venture Capitalist that flapping around the crowd.

Draper Spirit is on Freetrade if you want to invest in them since they hold £15million of FT shares.


I would wager Freetrade will crowdfund again this year or next.
There is a thread of investors looking to sell shares on here. Someone might be able to help.

Hopefully they will do crowdfunding again this year.

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Thank you very much, I didn’t know about that, just taking a look that they have holdings in Revolut & Transferwise amongst others, which I’m very bullish on myself, it’s certainly where I’m going to throw a chunk of my money. The fact that they hold Freetrade is a big bonus as well.

That’s interesting, do you have a link? I’ll have a search around, how are shares transferred to a new owner though? Is that possible?

Do you have any sources for this or is it just a hunch, I hope you’re right, kicking myself I didn’t get in. I signed up in April 2019 but it took from then until now to educate myself on stuff a little more, to feel confident enough to come back and start putting my savings on Freetrade.

I hope I’ve not missed the ship and they’ll return to the table again, I think what they’re offering is very unique, I know Robinhood UK is coming this year but I still think Freetrade has a lot of benefits over them.


To be fair, I thought I’d missed out on it all when round 2 finished. Then round 3 came along and I bought in thinking, yes! Caught the last train! Now there are folks knocking about with R5 badges…so I reckon you might get your chance haha, FreeTrade have big plans to expand, and that’s expensive. They will need money :wink: