Win a £5,000 free share bundle 🎉 Ends 1st August 2021

Hi everyone

We reached a milestone recently of 5,000 stocks in the Freetrade universe :tada:

And to celebrate, we’re launching our biggest prize ever, a £5,000 free share bundle.

Refer a friend by 1st August 2021 and you could win the whole thing. Yep, all 5k will go to one lucky winner.

Here’s what’s in the bundle

Name Ticker Value
1 x Alphabet Inc (Class A) $GOOGL £1,861
1 x Tesla Motors Inc $TSLA £471
1 x Netflix Inc $NFLX £388
1 x Lululemon Athletica Inc $LULU £272
1 x iShares MSCI UK Small Cap UCITS ETF GBP (Acc.) £CUKS £242
1 x Atlassian Corp $TEAM £191
1 x Spotify AB $SPOT £178
1 x Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (ADR) $BABA £155
1 x Ferrari NV (ADR) $RACE £151
1 x The Walt Disney Company $DIS £131
1 x iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF GBP (Acc.) £CUKX £118
1 x Nike Inc $NKE £117
1 x Expedia Inc $EXPE £115
1 x Apple Inc $AAPL £107
1 x Airbnb $ABNB £98
1 x Beyond Meat Inc $BYND £91
1 x AstraZeneca plc £AZN £91
1 x Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS ETF (Acc.) £BCHS £77
1 x Unilever plc £ULVR £43
1 x ZoomInfo Inc $ZI £36
1 x iShares Core MSCI Europe UCITS ETF EUR (Dist.) £IMEU £24
1 x iShares Core FTSE 250 UCITS ETF (Dist.) £MIDD £21
1 x Carnival plc £CLL £13
1 x Wise £WISE £9
1 x Darktrace £DARK £7
1 x Original BARK Co $BARK £6

The value of the shares may change by the time they are awarded. Above values as at 19th July 2021.

Good luck, and thanks for spreading the word!


Capital at risk


How much does a new customer have to top up? Some friends are interested in moving to Freetrade but would be only interested in the ISA. I only have an ISA (my GIA has no funds and I never traded with it).
Also: what if a new customer already paid into his/her existing ISA. Can s/he simply top up on the GIA and again: what value does it need to be?

A new customer would only need to top up with £1.

If they have already paid into their ISA, they can just top up their GIA with a minimum £1.

That said, it might be worth making this £2 as this is the minimum trade allowed.

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I was just chatting to a friend online about investing and Freetrade.

I mentioned the free share for both of us if I refer them and they got excited!

I mentioned this offer and they got very excited!!

Then they popped up in chat a few mins later to let me know that they’d just signed up for an account… I’d not even sent them my referral link. Ughhhh. I let them know that they’d just missed out on everything above and now they’re not excited anymore and I’m questioning the kind of people I associate with!


For a very odd reason I am picturing a cow chatting through a fence to a chicken :joy: :man_facepalming:


Well I’d certainly describe him as the male version of a chicken…

I did a Freetrade live chat and got a reply within 5 mins (I am a Plus subscriber). They said they’d look into it for me if my male chicken friend drops them an email - so fingers crossed! I wasn’t expecting that so it was a great surprise.


Do you know your friends user number?

Sorry!! I’ve been here long enough, I should know by now to get that and update the “how many users” thread.

Their number is just over 74,000. They’re telling me that they’re sure they signed up, rather than just signed in to an old account that they forgot about.

Edit: I bloody knew it. FT aren’t recycling old user numbers (as if they would), the male chicken friend has had an account for 2 years but forgot.


Three people this has happened to me with.
Instant gratification is showing in real world scenarios.


Any particular method or approach as to how these stocks were chosen for the bundle?

Apparently I’ve been entered into the draw, without referring anyone. Winning

I got the same, I’m presuming it’s a mistake.


I’m feeling really sorry for the poor Freetrade staff member who’s probably hyperventilating after accidentally sending that message to everyone. Whoever you are, relax my dude - mistakes happen and no one’s died.


New users! Please share your user numbers on this thread:


I have a friend who used my link last year but never put money in. If he puts in money now, are we eligible to participate in this sweepstakes?

Sooooo…. Who won? :sweat_smile:

Has the draw took place?


I know I didn’t :pinched_fingers:

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